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Fox-Paws is used to control the engines of gas/diesel vehicles or equipment operating on 12 volt D.C. Fox-Paws can also be used to control electric motors and devices ranging from 120 VA. to 600 VAC.
Our Fox-Paws unit consists of a transmitter worn on the operator’s person and a receiver in the vehicle/equipment to be controlled. The operator can push the transmitter button and shut off one vehicle/equipment or many pieces of equipment/vehicles depending on how they were configured at Red Fox Safety Products. Applications for the Fox-Paws are endless. Below are just a few ways
Fox-Paws are used for safety purposes and convince:
Fox-Paws Model 400 controls a chain driven trolley that moves cars, weighing more than a ton, inside a building. Should the operator walking alongside the car gets his foot caught in the chain moving the cars, he can shut off the electric motor powering the chain.
Fox-Paws Model 450 controls a wire drawing machine. This machine stretches a large diameter wire into a smaller diameter. If the machine malfunctions, the operator can shut it off quickly saving costly material from being wasted.
Fox-Paws Model 200 & 400 controls rock crushers. Should a person get entangled or a foreign object gets inside the crusher, it can be shut off quickly saving downtime and equipment repair costs.
Fox-Paws Model 225 controls up to 16 vehicles or pieces of equipment inside a secured complex. Should someone who is not authorized to drive a vehicle; decides to hurt others or destroy property, the vehicle/equipment can be stopped before harm can be done.
Fox-Paws Model 200 controls forklifts that move very large objects approximately 1200 ft. Because of the size of the object, the forklift operator cannot see where he is driving. Another employee riding a bicycle ahead of him gives him directions. If the employee on the bicycle thinks the forklift operator will hit something with the object on the forklift, the employee on the bicycle pushes the transmitter button, shuts off the engine in the forklift, and prevents damage to the object on the forklift.
Fox-Paws Model 200 controls locomotives in switchyards. If there is a problem, the operator can shut down the locomotive.
Fox-Paws Model 400 controls augers in grain facilities. Should an employee become entangled in the auger, harm can be minimized.
Fox-Paws Model 200 controls tractors hauling lumber material augered into processing facilities.
Fox-Paws Models 100 & 200 control ATVs. A 6-year-old is riding her new quad around her ranch and gains too much speed down a hill and is headed for a tree. Her dad, who has been supervising, sees the danger she’s in quickly shuts off the ATV.
Fox-Paws Model 200 controls large dozers in a recycling facility. An operator has a heart attack, loses control of the dozer, and is headed for the facility. The foreman can shut off the dozer, get the operator medical attention, and save both the facility and dozer from major damage.
Fox-Paws Models 200 & 500 controls support vehicles in the oil industry. Some of these are wireless and many are our corded units. Companies that are concerned about gas escaping from oil wells while being serviced used our corded units with explosion-proof stitches. When they hear the gas coming up the well, they hit the stitch, which shuts off the engine of the vehicle.
Fox-Paws Model 200 control gas-driven machines that pull cable for pre-stressed concrete bridge beams. These machines are driven by a gas-powered engine, and maybe over a hundred feet away from the operator and need to be shut down immediately