Foxpaws Model 550


Applications: Simple shut off for gas or diesel engines controlled by computer/engine module.
The Model 550 can be plugged into the fuse circuit in the fuse panel that controls the engine. The model 550 also has a cigarette plug that attaches to a 12-volt receptacle.
The Model 550 has been designed to be versatile and user-friendly with a magnetic base and manual over-ride feature. Besides its plug-n-go capabilities, it can be configured at the factory with the Model 100,200,225 circuitry. Its receiver can be programmed with up to 32 transmitters, making this unit capable of handling larger transmitter based applications.
Ask our sales team how the Model 550 can be configured to meet your safety needs.




Non-detachable 7-10 foot wire harness.

1-transmitter included in price (optional water resistant enclosure available)

Mounting bracket with a magnet.

Expandable up to 32 transmitters


9.5in. x 4.75 in. x 2.5in.

12 volt D.C.   Optional 24 to 12-volt converter available

900 MHZ Frequency

Range 1/4 mile line of sight

Easy plug-n -go system installation.

Green/Run, Red/Stop, Yellow/Low Battery indicator.

Weather resistant enclosure (N.E.M.A. 4  )
See Details below, see how easily the Fox-paws 375 can be installed.


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