Red Fox Enterprises Fox-Paws Model 500 Goes to Work in the Oil Fields

RedFox Enterprises announces the Fox-Paws Model 500 is being used by companies in the oil/gas fields. The unit is being used as an emergency shutdown of service vehicles, while servicing gas/oil wells in the United States.

Worley, ID (PRWEB) June 11, 2013

Red Fox Enterprises has announced that their product the Fox-Paws Model 500 is being used by companies in the oil/gas fields. Their unit is being used as an emergency shutdown of service vehicles, while servicing gas/oil wells in the United States.

If a problem arises with the equipment being powered by a truck, for example, a hydraulic hose breaks, you can shut off the engine, stopping further spillage. If, while servicing a well, the operator hears the sound of gas coming up the drill stem, the vehicle or equipment can be shut off instantly. This is essential in preventing explosions with possible injuries and equipment damage.

The Fox-Paws Model 500 is designed with a 125 ft. cord, which attaches to the vehicle or equipment allowing options for vehicle placement. The switch to shut off the engine is enclosed in an explosion-proof metal case, as an additional safety measure.

As the boom in oil and gas exploration continues to expand, this product fills an important niche in providing a safe work environment. No other product does this as well as the Fox-Paws Model 500.

Red fox Enterprises makes a number of safety shutoff devices in a variety of configurations for many applications from farm and industrial equipment to atvs.

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Red Fox Safety Products Expands its Line of Safety Shut Off (Kill) Switches


Saving equipment operators from death and protecting your investment in equipment is what motivates Ted Lacy to produce his line of safety Products.

Here is his story:

Worley, ID. (PRWEB) May 01, 2013

Their farm had a seed processing plant, where they cleaned their crops for market and seed for the next growing season. Normal operating months for the plant were September through March; there was no heat in the seed processing plant so they had to dress warmly. The seed processing plant consisted of 21 electric motors operating all types of shaking, rotating, equipment with moving belts and auger’s. This could have been a scenario for a terrible industrial accident, but here’s what happened.

One cold winter night around midnight, Mr. Lacy was cleaning crop in the seed processing plant. He made his normal rounds checking all the equipment to make sure everything was running correctly. There was one of piece of equipment he decided needed adjustment.

He grabbed the step ladder and placed it next to this piece of equipment and proceeded to climb up two steps to grab the adjustment arm. The adjustment arm was in close proximity to the main drive belt that controlled the shaking speed on this type of equipment. The belt had a shield so he was not concerned about safety. As he was slowly turning the adjustment handle, a large gust of wind swept into the building. The wind was so strong that it slammed him against the belt shield, almost knocking him off of the ladder; and, unbeknownst to him, had blown part of his coat into the belt of this equipment. Slowly he was being drawn into the machine. His first reaction was to push himself away from the machine, he tried again and again to no avail, he remembered thinking, “I have to get loose.” He tried again; to push his body away from the equipment, but he did not have the physical strength to tear the coat tail away. He remembered his chest being pulled tight against the shield. There he was literally caught with no way of escaping.

The story could have continued with his family members finding him the next day, still hung up in the equipment, with a not so happy ending. But it did not end this way!

Before this incident, he looked at how far away the stop switch was from the moving belts and motors. How would I shut off the power to the equipment if I could not physically reach the STOP button? He thought to himself. Immediately the Lord told him “wireless”. So he decided to develop a wireless shut down switch for the plant. A transmitter is worn on the person running the equipment in the plant. Push the transmitter button and the signal is sent to the receiver which shuts off the electricity to the electric motors that power the seed processing plant.

That is just what he did. When he realized he was being pulled into the belt on this piece of equipment and he was physically unable to free himself, he pushed the transmitter button on his coat pocket and all 21 electric motors came to a stop. He unraveled his coat from the drive belt and climbed down the ladder. His new coat was completely shredded, but he was physically fine, all thanks to the new safety system he had installed in the seed processing plant.

After seeing how this product saved him from a terrible accident, he realized that other people could benefit from such a idea. He started developing this idea and turned it into a patented product, and started a company, Red Fox Safety Products to manufacture these remote shut off devices.

Fox-Paws, a name given to his products, is used all over the world to save lives and protect investments. They have developed nine different models to control fixed or mobile equipment. The applications for his products are endless; Fox-Paw can be used on any type of vehicle/equipment that has a gas or diesel engine or electric motor. For additional information about these products contact Ted Lacy at 208- 231- 5860 or visit