Q- Where are Fox-Paws shut down units being used?
A- Tree chippers, rock crushers, construction applications, grain storage facilities, seed processing plants, farm tractors, boring machines, cardboard box crushing equipment, concrete pouring applications, diesel engine water pumping applications, mining equipment, fuel delivery truck engine shut down, military training, small and large ATV’s, just to name a few.

Q- Can Fox-Paws work on 12 volt D.C. positive ground?
A- Yes, negative or positive ground.

Q- What is the range from the transmitter to the receiver?
A- Standard is ¼ mile line of sight. Distance can be enhanced with a repeater up to 10,000 feet line of sight. Metal buildings may limit the range, but you need to test your parameters to make sure.

Q- Can the enclosure be used in the water?
A- The enclosure is designed to resist moisture. It can be outside, but is not designed to be submersed in water.

The transmitters are not moisture resistant.

Q- What type of mounting is there for the unit?
A- We have 3 types.

1- “U” bracket with 2 thumb knobs, one on each side. These knobs screw into rubber well nuts. This allows the user to take the unit out of one piece of equipment and move it into another piece of equipment. It is designed for a cab environment.

2- A bracket where the unit just sits in a 4 sided cradle, this is for more harsh weather conditions, with limited moving.

3- 4 rubber mounting bushings for slight vibrating conditions, one on each corner of the enclosure. Models 400/450 have 4 exterior holes, one on each corner, for mounting.

Q- How big are the units?
A- Fox-Paws units are H= 6.5″; x W= 5″; x D=2″.

Models 400/450 are H=12″; x W= 12″; x D= 5″.

Q- Do people buy these units for safety reasons only?
A- No, convenience is a big factor. For example you have a diesel engine pumping water, that is 1000 feet away, and it has to be shut off when the water gets low, you can just push the button and turn the engine off.

Q- If I have Fox-Paws hooked up to my piece of equipment, and I want to shut it off, do I have to use the transmitter button every time?
A- No, just turn off the key, just like you did before you had the Fox-Paws unit installed.

Q- What if I have a diesel engine on my piece of equipment and have a manual pull lever that I pull to shut off the engine, will your unit work?
A-Yes, with additional equipment purchased (Contact us for additional information).

Q- What if a wire on the unit is broken, will it still operate and shut down the engine?
A- If any of the 3 wires on the unit is broken, you will not be able to run the engine. You will be able to turn the engine over with the starter, but it will not run.

Q- I have an engine on my son’s go cart that I want to shut off, will your units work.
A-If your son’s go-cart has a 12 volt battery that the engine charges, you can use either the Model 200 or the Model 100.

Q- Explain the difference between the Model 100 and the 200.
A- When you want to remotely shut off the engine the model 100 and 200 operate the same. You press the transmitter button and the unit shuts off the engine. The model 100 is designed differently, in that you have to press the transmitter button to start the engine. Model 100-You want to start the engine, you turn on the key to start the engine, you can crank and crank on the engine, but the ignition circuit is disabled. It will not start. You need to press the transmitter button, which turns on the ignition circuit, and then the engine will start. You want to shut off the engine, press the transmitter button again, the engine stops. Model 200- You can start up the engine with out the transmitter. Just like normal, turn on the key, start the engine, turn off the key, the engine stops, but you now have remote shut down. The Model 100 just has the extra safety feature built in, where the transmitter has to be present to even start the engine. If you have the Model 100 installed on your piece of equipment, and you accidentally take the transmitter home with you at the end of the day, and return to work the next morning and forget your transmitter, you will not be able to start the engine on the piece of equipment.

Q- I have an electric start small engine, with a charging system, but it has no key start. You push a button to start, and you push a little lever that grounds to the frame and the engine stops. Will any of your models work on my engine?
A- All models work.

Q- I have rock crusher. I want the operator that feeds the jaw, be able to shut off the jaw motor in case of an over size rock or some foreign object is about to enter the jaw. Will the Model 400 work in this application?
A- The Model 400 was designed for shutting down of electric motors or devices. Individual motors or multiple motors.

Q- If I have 2 Fox-Paws units working in close range of each other, and a transmitter button is pushed for one unit, will the other unit shut down also?
A- No.

Example: Unit “1” has 2 transmitters on 2 different personnel. Unit “2” has 3 transmitters on 3 different personnel. Personnel working with Unit “1” transmits, only Unit “1” shuts down. Unit “2” keeps running until it is shut off manually or Unit “2”‘s personnel transmits.

Q- What if I have a 24 volt system, will your unit work?
A- Yes, with our 24volt to 12volt converter.

Q- What if I was running my engine and I shut it off remotely, and forgot to turn off the key on the machine, will the receiver still draw voltage.
A- Yes, the unit is still drawing voltage.

Q- I want to purchase a unit, but I possibly want another transmitter later on, is this possible?
A- Yes, you can purchase additional transmitters later on, but you will have to program the transmitter to the receiver. Additional programming required.

Q- If I put a Model 400 in my grain tank system, can I hook it up so the sweep auger and the auger under the floor and the leg all stop at the same time?
A- Yes, you can wire all the individual start circuits of each motor to be controlled by the Model 400. In our seed plant we have over 20 motors all controlled by one Model 400, and when you press the transmitter button, all motors stop simultaneously.