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We began this blog with a few reminders. We welcome post from people of all opinions and convictions, However if you have a nasty mouth or you wish to demean any racial, political, or religious group, please save yourself some time and don’t post here. It will never see the light of day. All such post will be deleted and not published.

Safety is a subject of serious concern to employees, employers and in the case of many farm workers, family members who work on the farm. We are fortunate in that today there are many machines that help us do our work. We work more efficiently and have greater production than any generation before. How ever, these very machines that help us can also hurt us. Every day in the US and around the world people are maimed and killed working on and around machinery. It is our hope that an open discussion of  the kind of problems everyday folks encounter will lead to new ideas and fresh thinking that just might save someone an arm or leg or the loss of their life. This blog will take the form that those posting want it to. So please guide us along with your thoughts. We are anxious to hear your opinions.


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